The Lessons of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship does things to you. It makes you think fast and think hard. It changes your game and forces you to take the unbeaten path. 

More than anything else so far in this journey of going it alone, I’ve learned to adapt. There are no rules and no guidebook. You respond and adapt accordingly. 

By right (though technically there is also no right), I should have my sample books printed by now. By real-life, I haven’t even started my proofreading process. The reason? Life. It gets in the way. Plans get messed up. What do you do?

You can do one of two things. Either you throw your hands up and struggle weakly through the rest of the journey, or you bite the dirt, roll to your feet and make the best of it. I choose to do the second. 

Yes, it changed my game significantly. The journey wasn’t ‘supposed’ to go like this. But that’s fine. We’ll pull through. Unconventional? Yes, perhaps. But perfectly fine with me. It might not be the best move, but it will work. If we make mistakes, we will learn and do better next time. If we succeed, we’ll know what to repeat. Either way, it’s a win, and we’re going to make it. So wait for it. 

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